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I grew up playing video games and watching 80's and early 90's cartoons. Saturday mornings were the best growing up.As I got older I started getting into anime. Some of these great animes were Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. I love video games, watch old school cartoons, and watch anime when I can. I also listen to a lot of rock, alternative, and metal music. One might notice all the Kari Kamiya (Hikari Yagami) art I have in my favorites. That's mostly because I'm madly in with love her character.
Mackenzie Steele by Sakuyamon by TyhponRevolver
Name: Mackenzie Steele
Age: 19
Species: Golden Retriever
Birthday: August 1
Strengths: Quick Reflexes, Enhanced senses, High Pain Tolerance,
Gymnastics, Parkour, Expert in Karate and Street Fighting
Weaknesses: Reckless, Overconfident, Softhearted
Hobbies: Video Games, Gymnastics, Swing Dance
Favorite Food: Bagels, Strawberries, Spaghetti
Least Favorite Food: Fish, Spinach, Eggs

Mackenzie grew up in a good size house. Her parents worked hard to be where they were. They weren't rich but they were better off than most families. They had every thing they needed and almost everything they wanted. Her father was a strong man and very friendly. He would go out of his way to help just about anyone. Her mother was so kind and caring. She was the one you could rely on if you ever needed a babysitter or help with a fundraiser. They raised Mackenzie to always listen to her heart and help those less fortunate than her. Mackenzie was the ideal daughter. She had good grades in school, active in many school activities, listened to her parents, and volunteered at many shelters. She had lots of friends from different social groups. It didn't matter if you were considered a nerd, a jock, shy or loud, she treated everyone with respect and talked them as her equal. The only group that annoyed her were the bullies. It wasn't that they ever picked on her, it was that they picked on some of her friends. She was always quick to step up and defend her friends. Sure she was afraid, but it didn't stop her. She knew deep down that she was doing the right thing. Even after interfering with the bullies plans, they never picked on her. When asked why not, they would just reply, "pfft...she's too nice." Her best friend was a Gothic cat named, Linda and they always hung out together. Life for Mackenzie was pretty good.

A few years had gone by and Mackenzie was now in 10th grade. She felt that something was missing from her life. She sat in the cafeteria with her friend Linda...

Linda, "Hey there, princess. What's wrong? Still feel like something is missing?"
Mackenzie, "Yeah, I guess I'll never know what it is." Mackenzie picked up her Dr. Pepper, took a long sip, and then let out a long drawn out sigh as she put her drink back down. Linda looked at her and let out a small laugh.
Linda, "This is really getting to you isn't it? You've been taking Karate classes since you were in 3rd grade. How about you go participate in one of those secret underground fighting rings." Linda laughed at her own comment.
Mackenzie, "Hey yeah, you think I should?"
Linda was about to take a bite of her sandwich when she stopped and looked at Mackenzie with a look of pure disbelief. "Uhhh, you do know I was joking right? I mean, yeah you put on a tough act and I've seen your Karate skills when you train, but...let's face it. You're kinda.."
Mackenzie, "What? I'm kinda what?"
Linda, "'re a goodie goodie."
Mackenzie, "What? No I'm not. I to be nice and respectful to others."
Linda, "A goodie goodie, that's what I said. You think any of the people in those underground fighting rings will show you any respect? Or be nice to you for that matter? If you asked for a fight, they'd laugh you right out of the area. Besides, how do you think your parents would react if they knew their daughter was involved in something so...barbaric."

Linda was right. Her parents would be so upset with her. Her dad would ground her for life and her mother would probably die from the shock. Linda looked up at her, "Besides, those fights, they don't always end with you losing the fight and walking out." Mackenzie looked back at her, "And how would you know that?" Linda had taken a bite of her sandwich when Mackenzie hit her with the question. She chewed her food and turned away...

Linda, "My boyfriend's older brother...he participates in the fights. The money he wins from the fights is how he supports them."
Mackenzie, "I never knew that. I always wondered how they were able to buy all that expensive stuff when neither of them have a job. He must be pretty good if he's always buying new stuff."
Linda, "He's ranked in the top 5. And hey, don't say anything got it? No one is supposed to know about these fights."
Mackenzie, "But you told me."
Linda, "Yeah and you better keep your mouth shut got it."
A smirk appeared on Mackenzie's face as she looked at Linda, "Oh I'll keep quiet...but only if you take me with you next time."
Linda, "What makes you think I go to the fights?"
Mackenzie, "Oh come on, don't act like you don't. I've seen how you react to martial arts movies and I know there is no way you don't go to the fights from time to time."
Linda let out a sigh, "Yes...I do go."
Mackenzie, "So to keep your boyfriend and you out of trouble, you're gonna have to take me next time."
Linda knew better than to argue with Mackenzie. Once her mind was set on doing something, she was gonna do it no matter the cost. Plus when it came to arguments, Mackenzie was good at getting her point across and convincing others to agree with her. Arguing with her would only waste time."Fine, I'll take you this weekend. BUT you do what I say and when I say it."
Mackenzie smiled and gave her a swift nod. "You got it."

 The week flew by quick and Saturday night arrived even quicker. Mackenzie was so excited, she could barely contain herself. She had told her parents that she was gonna spend the whole weekend with Linda working on a class project. She hated that she lied to her parents but it wasn't all a lie. She was definitely gonna spend the weekend with Linda. Mackenzie and Linda walked behind an abandoned building and made their way down a long alley way. After about what seemed like 10 minutes, they arrived in front of a tall parking garage with two tough looking guys standing in front of the car entrance. Linda told Mackenzie to stop and wait while she went and talked to the bouncers. After a couple minutes, Linda signaled Mackenzie over. One of the bouncers stepped to the side and lifted up the gate arm letting them through.

Mackenzie, "What did you tell them?"
Linda, "Just told them I'm here to see Spencer fight."
Mackenzie, "That's it?"
Linda, "They know I'm dating Spencer's little brother and they're actually pretty laid back once you get to know them."

Linda was leading Mackenzie to the third floor. The closer they got, the more and more louder it got with people's cheering. Linda stopped and turned towards Mackenzie. "Remember, you stay with me the entire time and do what I say, when I say. Got it?" Mackenzie nodded and together they walked up a car ramp leading to the third floor. As they turned the corner the muffled cheering was now clear. There were groups of people scattered all over. Each group had formed a ring which contained about 20 to 30 people. Everyone in each group was yelling at the action going on in the center of the "ring". Mackenzie had a big grin on her face. Something inside her screamed at her. Telling her this is what she needed. The adrenaline, the rush, and even a bit of fear of getting caught. This is the excitement she needed. Linda turned towards Mackenzie and saw the look on her face. She looked so excited, she couldn't help but smile. She leaned towards Mackenzie, "Wow, you sure look happy. Is this what you were looking for?" Mackenzie smiled and screamed, "YES! This is exactly what I was missing." Linda grabbed Mackenzie's hand and led her to the largest group in the middle floor. Together they made their way through the crowd and to the center to get a good look at the fight. Mackenzie was a little shocked seeing so many students from high school here. She wondered just how many people were here and how many were still in school.

Linda, "What's the matter?"
Mackenzie, "Nothing. It's just, there's a lot more younger people here than I thought."
Linda, "Well believe it or not, a lot of the seniors from high school participate in these fights. If you're tough enough, the money is great. But lets face it. In this place, money only comes second to respect."
Mackenzie heard every word Linda said. It kinda took her by surprise. Linda was never one for what others thought about her. Nor did she have much respect for her classmates or teachers. Hearing her talk about respect now seemed a bit awkward.
Linda, "Look, look, it's Spencer."
Mackenzie broke herself from her thoughts and turned her attention towards what was going on in the center. A strong handsome looking tiger walked to the center of the ring. Standing next to him was a wolf who looked a little more muscular than the tiger, but shorter. The wolf looked at the crowd and had a big grin on his face. He lifted his hands up and started motioning the crowd to quiet down.

Eryx, "What is up ladies and gentlemen? Are you ready to see Spencer face off against another opponent? Maybe this time, he won't be so lucky and will get the ass kicking he so deserves?"

Spencer looked at Eryx, shook his head and started laughing. The crowd yelled and let out loud boos at Eryx's comment. His grin only grew larger at the crowds reaction. "Alright alright, enough of your crying. Are you ready to see my boy Spencer kick some ass?" The crowd roared with approval. Mackenzie looked at Linda and together they both yelled and cheered at the top of their lungs. Eryx stepped to the side and Spencer's opponent stepped into the center. He was a huge muscled gator. He sure looked mean and tough. There were scars all over his body. He looked like he been through a chopping machine and only suffered a few cuts over his body. Eryx stepped up the gater and offered him a handshake. The gater took his hand and gave him an annoyed look. Eryx only smiled at the guy and then walked over to Spencer to shake his hand. After their handshake Eryx walked towards the side and stood there. Again, he motioned to the crowd to quiet down. "Alright, let's hit it. FIGHT!"

The fight lasted about 20 minutes. To the fighters, it felt like hours. To Mackenzie, it felt like seconds. Spencer had taken quite a beating from his opponent. He had won the match, but it was close. Too close as a matter of fact. Linda had gotten worried when Spencer took an elbow to the face, knocking him back a couple feet. It was a good hit, it caused his nose to start bleeding. It wasn't anything he hadn't felt before. But still, the pain had to be terrible. Spencer had recovered quickly from the gator's fierce elbow and went in with a kick combination that knocked the wind out of his opponent and knocked him down to the ground where he was out for the count. Eryx had walked in and raised Spencer's hand in the air as the victor.

Linda, "Damn, that was close. He pulled it off though."
Mackenzie, "Linda, that was awesome, but I got a little worried there."
Linda, "I know. Me too. I knew he'd win though."

Mackenzie focused her attention on Eryx. Whoever he was, he seemed to be the one in control. The crowd seemed to love him. With her gaze still stuck on Eryx, she asked Linda, "Hey, who's the wolf?"
Linda, "That's Eryx. He's ranked as the number one fighter in the city. He's also a major asshole. He thinks he's better than everyone else. I think he's just another loudmouth jerk."
Mackenzie, "Oh? He doesn't look mean." Her gaze was broken when Eryx's voice was heard again.

Eryx, "Alright, did you all enjoy that? Well we ain't done yet. We got one more fight before the night is over." The crowd started to cheer. "Alright, sweet cheeks, come on down. Show yourself." Eryx pointed towards Linda and Mackenzie. Linda looked at Mackenzie with concern. Just as Mackenzie was about to step out, a built looking bulldog stepped out. From behind you couldn't tell, but once they turned around, you could see they were female. Mackenzie let out a sigh of relief. She was so glad that Eryx wasn't talking to her and yet...she felt a bit upset that he wasn't. It was almost as if she felt a bit hurt.

Eryx, "Everyone, say hello to Hilda. Some of you may know her. You've been hearing of the girl who's been knocking out opponents left and right. Male and female alike. Come on everyone. Cheer for this babe like you mean it." Once again the crowd cheered. Eryx motions the crowd to quiet down and looks around. Who wants to be the unlucky one to fight her? Huh? Come on, I know there is someone with the balls to take her on." The crowd was dead silent. Hilda and Eryx looked around. "Come on, seriously? It don't matter if your a chick or a dude. She takes all shapes and sizes." Hilda gave Eryx a rude look after his comment.

Mackenzie, "Umm..I'll fight her"
Linda looked at Mackenzie as the crowd started to cheer. "Are you fucking stupid? I told you don't do anything." Linda stepped out and walked over to Eryx, "Don't listen to her, she was only kidding." Eryx tilted his head to see past Linda. He walked over to Mackenzie and smiled. "What's up princess. Were you serious about fighting Hilda? Or were you just joking?" Mackenzie gave Eryx a nervous look..

Mackenzie, "...I uh..I was serious."
Eryx smiled, "She serous folks. Looks like we got a fight on our hands."

Mackenzie walked to the center of the "ring". She unzipped the black hoodie Linda gave her and handed it to her. Linda took the hoodie and tossed it over her shoulder. "I can't believe this shit. What the hell am I gonna tell your parents when you go home in a body cast?" Mackenzie looked at Linda nervously. "Tell them I fell?" Mackenzie made her way over to Hilda and offered a handshake to her. Hilda slapped her hand to the side and growled at her. Eryx walked to the center of the "ring" with a huge grin on his face. He was enjoying this. Eryx smiled at the both of them. " your thing girl. Mackenzie...well...good luck." Eryx walked to the side and raised his hands into the air, once again asking the crowd for silence. Mackenzie looked up at Hilda, who easily towered over her. She swallowed the lump in her throat and waited.

Eryx, "Alright...lets...hit it. FIGHT!"

A fist almost the size of Mackenzie's head flew right past her. If she hadn't heard Hilda's grunt, she would have been hit for sure. Mackenzie took a step back and got into a fighting stance. Hilda smiled at Mackenzie's attempt to be serious. Hilda moved in close to Mackenzie and threw a few punches in her direction. She was fast, but Mackenzie was faster. Mackenzie stepped towards Hilda and started attacking. Her first move was a punch towards Hilda's right cheek. Hilda easily dodged it and Mackenzie was now open for an attack. Hilda swung hard with her left fist and it connected with Mackenzie's right cheek. Mackenzie stumbled a few feet back and placed her hand on her right cheek in pain. Hilda moved in kicking her opponent in the stomach, knocking her down to the ground. Mackenzie know on her hands and knees, trying not to puke up her dinner. She looked to the side and saw Linda with a scared look on her face. She looked towards the other side and saw Eryx with a serious look on his face. He looked at her and shook his head. As if telling her to stay down. The crowd's roar began to quiet down. Mackenzie was slowly getting up. She was now on her knees looking at Hilda.

Hilda, "Stay down sweetheart."
Mackenzie, ""
Hilda only smirked at Mackenzie's reply. "Alright then. Don't say I didn't warn you." Hilda dashed forward with a kick that would surely connect to her opponents chest. Just as the kick was about to make contact, Mackenzie catches Hilda's foot and holds it. Hilda looked down at her. She couldn't believe what just happened. Mackenzie looked up at her and threw her backwards. Hilda stumbled back, trying to get her balance when a punch connected to her jaw knocking her down on the ground. She landed on her butt holding her jaw. The crowd still in silence, looked as shocked as Hilda. Mackenzie smirked at Hilda. "Stay down sweetheart." Hilda jumped up quickly and lunged at Mackenzie. Mackenzie felt Hilda's arms around her waist her feet began to lift up off the ground. Hilda was trying to tackle her to the ground. It didn't work as Mackenzie slammed her elbow into Hilda's back not once, but twice, causing Hilda to drop her. She lifted her knee, slamming it into Hilda's stomach causing her to let go and lurch backwards in pain. Mackenzie ran towards Hilda, wrapped her arms around her, lifted her up and tackled her to the ground. The crowd went crazy and couldn't believe this small girl lifting up someone who was way bigger than her. Eryx couldn't believe it. Mackenzie, now on top of Hilda started punching wildly at her. Hilda blocked many of the hits, but some were connecting. Hilda, able to get her hands around Mackenzie leaned up and headbutt Mackenzie knocking her back. As Mackenzie grabbed her forehead in pain, she felt Hilda grab one of her arms and rolled to the side. Mackenzie now lay on her back with Hilda's legs on top of her chest and neck, her right arm in a straight arm bar lock. Mackenzie started to panic as she could feel the pressure building in her arm. Hilda was about to break her arm when Mackenzie growled and yelled. She used all her strength to push the leg that was on her chest down to her stomach. She lifted her left leg up and brought it down on Hilda's right leg and pushed it down. Now both her legs wrapped around Hilda's right leg. Mackenzie felt more pressure in her right arm. Again Mackenzie growled and with the strength, she didn't know she had left, she rolled to her right using Hilda's leg for leverage. With her on top of Hilda now, she slammed her left elbow down on Hilda's throat which loosened Hilda's grip around her arm. With her right arm now free, Mackenzie lifted up her right arm and slammed it down on Hilda's chest. She felt Hilda trying to throw her off but with her legs wrapped around Hilda's right leg, she wasn't budging. Hilda swung up with her left arm. Mackenzie not only avoided her attack, but caught her arm and tucked it under her armpit, wrapped her right arm behind it and locked the maneuver by clasping her hands together. She put all her weight in and started leaning back. Hilda roared in pain. Her right leg still couldn't move, and now her left arm was twisted. She didn't know what Mackenzie was doing, but somehow she got her in a complicated hold that she couldn't break free of. Mackenzie again arched back taking Hilda's arm with her. Hilda's roar became a loud yell for mercy. Hilda slapped the concrete with her right hand over and over yelling at Mackenzie to let her go. "STOP STOP! I GIVE!" Mackenzie didn't let go, she only tightened her grip. The crowd became silent as Hilda's yells were the only sound being heard. Linda came rushing in. She knelled down in front of Mackenzie trying to break her grip.

Linda, "Mackenzie...dammit, let go of her. DAMMIT! LET HER GO!"

Mackenzie stared down at the panic look Hilda had on her face. Just as she was about to finish the maneuver, Linda slapped Mackenzie across the face, bringing her back to reality. Mackenzie let go instantly. Hilda grabbed her arm and rolled to the side in pain. Linda put her hands on Mackenzie's shoulders and stared into her eyes. " in there?" Mackenzie looked at her and then looked around. She saw everyone just staring at her. Linda helped her up and dusted her off. As Mackenzie stood up, the adrenaline started to wear off and the pain started to kick in. Eryx walked to the center of the "ring" and grabbed Mackenzie's left arm, raising it up into the air. "AND WE GOT A WINNER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" The crowd cheered. out loud, repeating Mackenzie's name over and over. Linda looked at Eryx and shook her head. "What an asshole." Mackenzie had a small grin on her face. She looked around and then noticed Hilda still on the ground. Mackenzie took her arm away from Eryx and walked towards Hilda.

Mackenzie, "Hilda..I'm...I'm sorry. I couldn't stop." Hilda looked at Mackenzie. She wanted to push her out the way but instead she smiled at her. "You are one tough princess, you know that?" Mackenzie extended her left arm to Hilda. Hilda firmly grabbed it and stood up with Mackenzie's help. "Looks like your the one to beat now. Just so you know, things will only get tougher." Mackenzie let out a sigh but smiled. "I know." Linda placed her arm around Mackenzie. "Just look at you? What am I gonna tell your parents?" Hilda smiled, "Tell them she fell." Mackenzie let out a small laugh. "See? Even she had the same idea." Linda let out a sigh and shook her head. From that night on, Hilda became Mackenzie's sparring partner and friend.

Many months later...

Mackenzie had made a name for herself in the underground fight scene. She's ranked number one in the female division and has held her rank for over a year. It took a little bit for her to earn her rank since she didn't accept every fight. As much as she wanted to, she just couldn't. When it came to her parents, she had to hide her cuts and bruises the best she could. At times, there was just no way she could fight without her parents knowing what was really going on. Because of that, she could never be ranked. It didn't bother her at first, but after awhile, it started to get to her. She had won every fight she had been in. She felt she earned her spot amongst the best. The only way that was gonna happen is if she participated in every fight and told her parents the truth. She knew they wouldn't like it. That was the understatement of the century. Her parents if anything were gonna kill her. " messed up is this? Coming out the victor of many fights only to be defeated by my own parents." She took a deep breath and walked into the living room to talk to her parents. Mackenzie told her parents about the fights. She didn't tell them everything though. She told her parents that she was participating in a after school martial arts club. She wanted to tell them the truth, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Her mother had a look of concern. She was worried that her daughter was gonna get seriously injured. As for her father, he had a different reaction. He was actually proud of his daughter. It was his idea for her to learn Karate. He felt every girl should know how to defend herself. He was actually a bit surprised that she joined such a club. Especially since she was babied most of her life. Her parents gave her the "OK" to stay with the club but told her to try to be as careful as possible and if things get too dangerous, to quit. Over the past few months, Mackenzie had gotten to know Eryx very well. Yeah, he was rude and didn't think much of others, but that was just who he was. Plus because of how nice she always was to him, he was always friendly with her. She was the only who ever saw the friendlier side to Eryx.

A few weeks later...

Mackenzie's cellphone started ringing, waking her up from her deep sleep. She always had music playing off her phone as she slept, it helped relax her. Her hands fumbled around looking for the phone. She lifted her head up and looked under her pillow. "Where is the freaking thing?" She closed her eyes and listened to the ringtone. It was a song Eryx had showed her. She closed her eyes and laid her head back on the pillow. "Ring all you want. I like that song anyways." And so it did. Her phone kept repeating the same 20second loop. After the 5th time she sighed and looked to the sides of her pillow. She rolled to her side and looked where she was laying. She found it under the blanket, near her hips. "Why does it always end up there?" She picked it up and answered it. "Hello..."

Linda, "Mackenzie...what the hell? What took you so long to answer?"
Mackenzie, "Well it is 3AM and normal people are asleep at this time."
Linda, "Like you're nomral."
Mackenzie, "What do you want, Linda?"
Linda stayed silent for a second. Mackenzie rolled on to her back and sat up. "Linda...what is it?"
Linda, "Eryx lost a fight."
Mackenzie, "What? No way, Eryx never loses."
Linda, "He did tonight and he's pretty messed up, Mackenzie."
Mackenzie, " messed up?"
Linda, "He needs a doctor. Spencer and I were about to take him but we don't know where he is. His opponent and some new formed friends of his took him away."
Mackenzie, "They just took Eryx? Why didn't you guys try and stop them?"
Linda, "Mackenzie, the guy won. And by the rules, he is in charge. You know this. We don't know where they took Eyrx. But he was in bad shape. We need to find him. Hello...hello?"

Mackenzie had hung up the phone right after hearing Linda say Eryx needs help. She got out of bed and dashed to her closet. She slid on some jeans, a hoodie, and her sneakers. She ran down stairs and grabbed her dads car keys. She didn't care how long it took, she had to find Eryx. Mackenzie had spent the next 3 hours driving all over town, making sure to pass through every alleyway and abandoned road. She even asked around if anyone had seen anyone being carried off. When nothing turned up, she let out a deep sigh and tears began to form in her eyes. "Oh Eryx...where are you?" She quickly wiped her tears on her sleeve and continued to drive. She made her way back to the abandoned car garage and looked around. "Linda said there was three of them. They picked up Eryx and dragged him away. If they stayed on foot, I highly doubt they took him far. She stepped out of the truck and looked down. She saw what looked like dried blood on the ground. She carefully scanned the ground and saw another spot a couple feet away. Once she saw the direction it looked to be going, she sprinted off in that direction. Her assumptions were right. Eryx had been tossed in a near by alley. His motionless body leaning against some trash cans. Mackenzie rushed towards him and knelled down in front of him. "Eryx..on no, Eryx...what did they do to you?" Mackenzie wrapped her arms around Eryx. Tears swelled from her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She leaned her head against his chest and held him close. She quickly opened her eyes and listened carefully. It was faint, but he had a heartbeat. "'re alive. She laid him back down and sprinted for the truck. She drove it to the alley and knelled back in front of Eryx. "Eryx, sweetie, listen to me. I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm gonna take you to the hospital. I need your help though. Please, if you can hear me, hang on to me. I'm gonna try and lift you up. She tucked her arms under his and slowly tried to lift him up. She felt Eryx gently grab on to her. "Yes, that's it. Grab on to me and stand up." Eryx heard her words and held on to her tight. As he got to his feet, Mackenzie looked at him. His face was in such bad shape. Both his eyes were swollen shut, but his left eye, it had a huge gash on it. The wound made her sick to her stomach. Who could do such a terrible thing. Mackenzie helped Eryx to her truck and helped him lay down in the back seat. She hopped in the driver seat and sped off to the hospital. Some time had gone by when the Doctor approached Mackenzie and Linda.

Mackenzie, "Is he gonna be ok?"
Doctor, "Yes, he is gonna be ok. Frankly we don't know how he is still alive. The amount of blood he has lost, the damage to his face, we don't know how he is still breathing. I would say it was a good thing you found him when you did. I really don't think he could have held on much longer. Not without help."
Mackenzie wiped her tears away and Linda gave her a hug.
Linda, "Can we see him?"
Doctor, "Yes, you may. But be aware, he has slipped into a coma. We don't know when he'll wake up. It could be tomorrow, it could be a year from now. I'll take you to him."

The Doctor had led them to Eryx's room. He laid in bed, hooked up to all kinds of machines. Some to help with his breathing, his eyes, bandaged up. Mackenzie walked up to him and she gently combed her fingers through his hair. Linda walked up to Mackenzie and placed her hand on her shoulder. "I never ever thought I would see him like this. He may have been a jerk, but he didn't deserve this kind of punishment." Mackenzie chocked back on tears and stared at Eryx, "He's not a jerk. You just didn't know him like I did. He...he was always nice to me."

Linda, "You were the only one he was nice to. Guess even he figured he couldn't be mean to such a sweet girl like you." Mackenzie closed her eyes and softly smiled. "Linda, if you want to leave it's ok. I'm gonna stay with him. I'll talk to you later." Linda gave her a nod and hugged her from behind. "Call me if you need anything ok." Mackenzie kept staring at Eryx as she nodded her head. Mackenzie pushed her chair closer to Eryx's bed and laid her head down next to him. "I'm gonna find the ones who did this to you. I'll find them and make them feel your pain a thousand times over. I promise." Mackenzie stayed with Eryx the rest of the day. As the days went by, she visited him often, hoping he would one day wake up. Two weeks had gone by with no change in Eryx's condition. Mackenzie had made her way to Eryx's room with some flowers in hand. When she stepped into his room, all she saw was the the Doctor talking to the nurse and telling her to quickly tell security to keep an eye out for the patient.

Mackenzie, "What's going on? Where's Eryx?"
Doctor, "We don't know. He woke up this morning and I was talking to him, telling him the extent of his injuries. I had to leave the room for only a minute and when my nurse came to check on him, he was gone."
Mackenzie, "He woke up?"
Doctor, "Yes and he is gone. He shouldn't be walking around. We need to find him."

Mackenzie turned around and walked out of Eryx's room. As she walked down the hallway, she threw the flowers into a trash bin and made her way outside. Eryx was awake and she had to find him. And after she found Eryx, she would keep the promise she made to him and find the one responsible for almost killing him.

(Finally, all done. So I came up with this story pretty much out of the blue. I wasn't sure how well her story would turn out, but I wanted it to intertwine with Eryx's to some degree. She's gonna find him after some time and she's gonna become his love interest for sure. That is pretty much set in stone. Anyways, if you took the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. I'll come up with a story for how she finally found him)


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