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I grew up playing video games and watching 80's and early 90's cartoons. Saturday mornings were the best growing up.As I got older I started getting into anime. Some of these great animes were Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. I love video games, watch old school cartoons, and watch anime when I can. I also listen to a lot of rock, alternative, and metal music. One might notice all the Kari Kamiya (Hikari Yagami) art I have in my favorites. That's mostly because I'm madly in with love her character.


Eryx the Wolf by TyhponRevolver

Name: Eryx 

Species: Wolf

Birthday: March 27
Strengths: Quick reflexes, Great muscle strength, Enhanced senses, Master of Boxing, Kickboxing, and Jeet Kune Do
Weaknesses: Vision Impairment, Impulsive, Emotional detachment
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Video Games, Watching horror movies.
Favorite Food: BBQ and Potato chips
Least Favorite Food: Popcorn, Peanut butter, Spicy food

Eryx was abandoned as a child and grew up on the streets as a thief. Stealing food and water to survive mostly. As his skills improved, he began to pick pocket from people in large crowds. He was pretty good at it and any time he was caught in the act, he was always able to outrun his pursuer. One day, he saw a gentleman who was well dressed and had two men dressed in black walking down a busy sidewalk. He figured it would be the perfect score. Eryx casually walked into the crowd and angled his way towards the trio. As he moved past them, it only took Eryx a couple of seconds to reach into the middle man's inside coat and take his wallet. The trio didn't notice anything and Eryx walked out of the crowd with a big grin on his face. While cutting into an alley way to check out his prize, he was stopped by one of the men dressed in black. Eryx looked at the guy and grinned. He quickly turned around and was blocked off by the second man in all black. Eryx's grin had quickly faded away and he had a look of fear. The well dressed gentleman walked up to Eryx and instead of punishing him, actually talked to him and offered him a meal and clean cloths. The gentleman saw potential in Eryx and took him in.

Eryx was trained in Boxing and Kickboxing. He was also being taught by the best teachers money could buy. Eryx would be come the son the Gentleman never had. Unfortunately, this good life Eryx was living had changed him. He started thinking he was better than everyone else. Thinking with his "step father" behind him, he could do whatever he wanted. And what he wanted was to become the best fighter on the streets. He started participating in street fights to build a reputation. His fighting skills were incredible and it didn't take him long to gain the street cred he wanted. After many fights, some fair, some not so fair, he had earned his placed amongst the best fighters in town. Rumor had it there was a drifter who wondered out of nowhere. He heard of Eryx's fighting abilities and wanted to see them for himself. On a night Eryx was celebrating his latest win, the Drifter had walked up to him and challenged him. Eryx only laughed at the challenge and turned the Drifter away. The Drifter laughed in Eryx's face and accused him of being afraid and that by not accepting his challenge, he was pretty much surrendering. In anger, Eryx accepted the challenge. It would be the fight that would change everything for Eryx.

This Drifter whoever he was, was fast and strong. Somehow he could counter all of Eryx's moves. The fight didn't last long. The Drifter who no one knew anything of not just humiliated Eryx, but made an example of him. The Drifter lifted up Eryx by the collar of his shirt and stared at him. "Eryx...I can't believe how easy you were to take out. This world doesn't need any more assholes like you around. By taking you out, I'm doing everyone a favor." The Drifter slammed Eryx down to the ground and stood over him. Eryx laid on his back, looking up at his opponent. As his vision became blurred, the last thing he saw was a stomp coming straight down on his face. He awoke in a hospital a couple of days later. Some people had found him and brought him to the hospital. As he awoke, his vision was black, he couldn't see anything. He started to panic when he heard a deep voice. "So you're finally awake. Please calm down, you're in a hospital. You can't see because of the bandages around your eyes. When you came in, they were both swollen to the point that they were closed shut." Eryx begged the doctor to remove the bandages and bring him a mirror. The doctor tried his best to calm Eryx down but Eryx demanded to see what he looked like. The doctor told a nurse to get a mirror while he removed the bandages. As the last strip of bandages was removed, the nurse held the mirror in front of Eryx. His face was still swollen and bruised from the fight. That wasn't what bothered him. It was his left had a huge vertical slice over it and was sewn shut. "I'm sorry, but your left eye was so badly damaged, we couldn't save it. Your left eye had been slashed open. We assume whoever did this to you, wanted to make sure you didn't survive. But by some miracle you did." The doctor had asked if Eryx knew anyone who could come see him. Eryx only knew of one person, his "step father". When mentioned to the doctor, he replied, "Him, yes, he did come by. He left a large sum of money to cover your medical bills. He said when you woke up...don't come back." Eryx sat there on the hospital bed with his head down. The doctor and nurse left him alone to have some time to think. In that time, Eryx grabbed his cloths and ran out of the hospital. He knew if his "step father" said don't come back, he meant it. 

Eryx wondered the streets with nothing and no one. All his so called friends were nowhere to be found. He had given up on life and himself. He thought back to what he had become. Perhaps this is the life he deserved for disrespecting those below him. Abusing the wealth his "step father" had given him. With what money he had he used it all on alcohol to forget the memories and pain. No matter how much he drunk, he still heard the Drifter's voice, "The world doesn't need another asshole like you." It haunted him, it tore at him. One night on the streets, passed out in a alley, a old man stumbled across him. The old man crouched down and looked at Eryx, Eryx ignored the old man, only staring straight as if looking past him. The old man helped Eryx to his feet and took him to his home. It was there, the old man nursed Eryx back to health and
trained him in Jeet Kune Do. He noticed how Eryx's vision was limited due to his handicap. The old man suggest Eryx learn to fight without having to rely on sight but instead, rely on sound and smell. Eryx trained night and day for many years perfecting his Jeet Kune Do skills, mixing his boxing and kickboxing skills with it. While meditating with the old man one day, Eryx asked...
Eryx, "Master, why did you help me that day? Why me?"
Old Man, "Someone so young, should not be suffering. I also sense much good in you."
Eryx, "Master...but I'm not a good person. I was suffering for my past sins. I deserved to be there."
Old Man, "But you aren't that person any more are you? You are not the kid you once were. You are now a man and now you know better."
Eryx, "Yes...that is true. But I am who I am now because of you."
Old Man, "You are who you are because you chose to be. As I said, there is much good in you Eryx. So be a good man. That is all I will ever ask for in return."

From that day forward, Eryx promised his master and himself that he would be there for anyone who needed his help. He would use what he was taught to help others and protect those that couldn't protect themselves. His outlook on life was different. Somethings he admitted will never change. He still loves a good fight and he will never back down from a challenge. And if by chance, he ever comes across the Drifter again, he would challenge him to another fight. Not for revenge, but to see if he has improved as a fighter and a person.

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: 4 Walls by Black Light Burns
  • Reading: Triage X Vol. 4
  • Watching: Sleepy Hollow
  • Playing: Resident Evil 4
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Green Tea


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